Videos for apps are worth a thousand words. Convince potential users ofthe quality of your app within 60 seconds! In the future Apple’s App Store will also allow implementing videos.

Explain content or gameplay visually

Animated pictures for app stores, promotion and video-sharing websites

Promotes an increase of downloads

App videos für Ihre app zur App Store Optimierung und Promotion
App Marketing Games Landing

Our Experience

Our Team made a vast of experiences by producing more than 50 animations to diverse topics and apps.


Not all of your customers are german-speaking? No problem! We proide our videos in several languages. English, French, Spanish, Russian etc. There is no language we don not master!


Every good video needs appropriate background music. You can provide a song of your choice or let us suggest you uncopyrighted music. If requested, we could even organize a song particularly componed for your video!


Do you want to add a voice-over to your video to explain the features of your app in detail? All you have to do for this is providing us a text and choosing between a male or female narrator voice. We will then produce 5 to 10 records of which you choose one that satisfy you. Unfortunately this option not available for 15 second teaser videos.

App Marketing für Games
App Marketing Games Videos

Rush Fee

The entire production process will usually takes around 3 weeks. In urgent cases we can spped this process up in exchange for additonal fee.


15 seconds videos are optional for promotional activities on handsets and social media. They get to the heart of the topic and communicate your most important features of your app. As a special offer you get a discount for a 15 seconds teaser if you booked a regular video, too.