App Store Optimization (ASO)

You didn’t build an app for it to sit in the stores and collect virtual dust.  You need your app to travel the digital path to users’ phones! App Store Optimization (ASO) is key!

Therefore App Keyword Optimization is the easiest and fastest way to improve the visibility and awareness of your app.

improved visibility in app stores and search engines

Little effort, big impact!

Improved competitiveness

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How important are keywords?

Search engines search specifically for the entered keywords in the headlines, the description and the meta data of apps.  Up to now, there are approximately 1,2 million apps available in each of the two biggest app stores what makes it indispensible to optimize the keywords, app despriction and headline in order to be visibily for potential users.

What do we offer?

We´ll analyze market and competitors in order to optimize the keywords, the headline and the description of your game. These measures will ensure your app will be ranked among the top search results. App descriptions and headlines are also used automatically by blogs and websites which is why a keyword optimization within the app stores is also at the same time a SEO measure.

Apple and google use different algorithms in their search concepts. We are making sure to acknowledge these differences. Appstore badges and screenshots are also important parameters with best practices to think of.

(Interested in ASO? We help you along the entire ASO Process you´ll find compiled in an infographic at Knicket App Search Magazine)

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